Concert Hall

Concert/Recital Audio Recordings

Live, on-site concert/recital high-definition audio recordings.  Specializing in, but not limited to, chamber music, symphonic, and choral.


Concert/Recital Video Recordings

Live, on-site concert/recital high-resolution video recordings.  Specializing in but not limited to, chamber music and small ensemble recitals.

College Audition

College/Competition Audition Recordings

Controlled-environment, single-camera or multi-camera, high-resolution video/audio or audio-only recordings for college or competition submittal.

Uncomplicated, high quality, client-friendly recording services

If you’re looking for a highly professional and top quality recording experience, without all the hassle, DWRS delivers that in an uncomplicated, stress-free and client-friendly environment.

For nearly 20 years we have recorded hundreds of performances, both small and large, in venues across the North Texas area from the finest symphony concert halls, to acoustically perfect church sanctuaries, to intimate house concerts.

Concert/Recital audio recording services include live, on-site high-definition audio-only recordings.  We specialize in, but not limited to, chamber music, symphonic, and choral performances.

Concert/Recital video recording services include live, on-site high-resolution single-camera or multi-camera video (includes integrated high definition audio) recordings.  For video we specialize in chamber music and small ensemble recitals.

College/Competition audition recording services include live recordings at an agreed upon controlled environment site (typically a church sanctuary).  This can be video/audio or audio-only, depending on the requirements of the school or competition.


Need more information?

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